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King. Komfortabel Flip-Up styrestol, mørkeblå med hvide syninger

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Comfortable FLIP-UP seat, the front part can be folded up for steering in a standing position.
With comfortable head rest.
Dark blue with white seams.
The seat is finished in maintenance free, water and UV resistant skai imitation leather, wich isideal for marine use.
Fits pedestals with slide only.
Supplied without pedestal.Use seat cover CCDS or CCSB to keep your seat clean.
Mer informasjon
Flip up seat Yes
Pedestal type Fits pedestals with slide only
Armrests Yes
Folding backrest No
Material frame Stainles steel (AISI 316)
Size W1 see drawing (mm) 570
Color Dark blue
Size H2 see drawing (inch) 16 11/16
Size ØT see drawing (mm) 800
Size ØT see drawing (inch) 31 1/2
Size W2 see drawing (mm) 450
Size W2 see drawing (inch) 17 23/32
Size W1 see drawing (inch) 22 7/16
Size H1 see drawing (mm) 620
Size H1 see drawing (inch) 24 13/32
Size D2 see drawing (mm) 490
Size D2 see drawing (inch) 19 19/64
Size D1 see drawing (inch) 28 11/32
Hole pattern R
Size H2 see drawing (mm) 500
Color seams White
Size D1 see drawing (mm) 720
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